Everything You Need to Actually Achieve the Benefits of Meditation

Feel that you can’t meditate? That when you try you’re just having a big stress session with your eyes closed?

This Free Webinar below will change all that with hacks I learned in over 20 years of teaching


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In this Course, You will Learn

  • What your “Chi” is & how to move it
  • Energy Clearings & Severing Negative Ties
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Visualization Training
  • Best times to Meditate & Postures
  • How to Overcome Heavy Stress
  • Control Brain Wave Frequencies
  • & More


What is the 21-Day Energy Meditation Seminar?

14 Guided Meditations 

Energy techniques, Grounding, Shamanic healing sounds, Healing Bowles. 

These techniques allow the highly stressed to find calm.


14 Techniques 

Learn aspects of your energy body that most people have not yet accessed.

These help to increase energy and sleep.

Key benefits from this course

An immediate effect is that positive coincidences and connections in a new practitioner’s life and better sleep.

  • Reduce stress 
  • Meditation can help you Lose Weight & increase willpower
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces “monkey mind” (Thoughts of past or future)
  • Reduces Social Anxiety
  • Helps treat PMS 
  • Improves Creativity
  • Can Decrease Blood Pressure
  • Meditation helps with OCD, ADD, ADHD, depression, and other psychological issues & much more
  • “The Replacement” Meditation – to replace negative thoughts, worry, anger, or the like. Can combine with the “Good for me/Bad for me” technique from Session 6 or the “Rising Up” technique from session 3 or “The Heart-Mind Exercise” from session 9
  • “The Subconscious Success Meditation” This is a meditation to integrate your subconscious thoughts to having success
  • The Energy Integration Meditation” brings you into the energy of other beings, allowing you to feel their positive qualities. (A Mountain, Tree, Water, Butterfly, & more)
  • “The Success” Meditation allows you to match the vibration of your brain to that of your heart and can help to do the “Heart-Mind Exercise” easier as well.
  • “The “Sanctuary – Safe Place” Meditation allows you to visit your private hideaway to inspire creativity or other questions you have in and about your life.
  • “The Remote Healing” allows you to send love and positive energy to others.
  • “The Barrier of Light” allows you to clear and protect yourself from negative energy and bring in positive energy.
  • “The Self-Healing” Meditation allows you to bring in powerful positive energy for healing.
  • “The Emotional Extraction Technique” allows you to remove negative energy. Or try The “Emotional Infusion” Technique by adding the energy that you want in your life to manifest. (Session 15)
  • The Emotional Extraction Technique – Powerfully Identify and remove negative thoughts from your body and mind
  • “The Grounding Meditation” will help you to feel grounded in your emotions.
  • “The Cord Cutting Meditation” Can help you to separate from unhealthy people or situations
  • “The Replacement Meditation” allows you to identify negative emotions or worry and replace them with positive affirmations

No, the techniques are explained in the introductory video above, and in the meditation itself (the audio file), I walk you through each part, explaining everything you need to do. You won’t need anything else but you can email us if you have a question at (info@theartofunity.com). We have 100% success rate with people who are committed to the practice.

I recommend doing them in a comfortable place such as your bed before you go to sleep or when you wake up. They can be done anywhere you feel comfortable. Just don’t do them while driving or any place relaxation can cause a problem since they can put you in an altered state or to sleep.

These meditations are designed to focus your mind so that you are not distracted by your random thoughts. As explained in the Benefits of Meditation video here, it will provide you with all the benefits without the negative or excessive thoughts getting in the way.

All meditation practices are beneficial. These have been developed over my 20 years of personal experience based on thousand-year-old practices, that will allow you to focus better and move into an Alpha state long enough to experience all the benefits of meditation including a mind-body-spirit alignment, long after you’ve completed the meditation.

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  • 14 Techniques Access Your Chi
  • Access Your Chi
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Find Your Focus
  • Help Yourself Sleep
  • Help Lower Your Stress
  • Control your Mental Health

Bill Farr

Bill Farr is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness coach with over 400,000 followers and over 10 million YouTube views. He is a certified Master Herbalist and a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, an instructor in various forms of meditation, an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, Qi Gong instructor, and Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Having trained with Shamanic Healers, Monks, Indian Gurus, & Chi Gong Masters for over 30 years Bill has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, LE officers, artists, consulted for large companies, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Love Engineer, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and on over 100 radio shows.