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The Ultimate Chi Gong for Weight Loss & Mental Well Being

Grab the Full Series 6-Part Chi Gong series at a ridiculous price!

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With roots in Chinese medicine, Chi Gong can be done for eliminating toxins, obtaining health & wellness, helping with any illness or pain, maintaining energy, eliminating anxiety or negative emotions, & much more. 

6 Chi Gong Video Class Sessions in This Course

Learn These Advanced Moving Meditations for just $29.95 (Normally 199.95)

Get The Whole Series at Discounted Price

Chi Gong is an ancient system coordinating movement, breathing, & meditation for health, spirituality, & martial arts. 

Normally $199  — 1 Time Offer $29.95

Experienced Professionals Having Success With This Course


Joseph Augustini “After only a minute of doing each of these exercises, I could feel a flow of chi in my hands. Very helpful videos!”


Nina M “I was a little skeptical at first but am seeking ways to reduce anxiety. I actually felt my palms burning towards the end!”


Nixx P – “Oh my gosh, with all the chi depleting factors we’re faced with today, this routine is the healing magic we all need. Feeling revived and reactivated …. thank you SO much, Bill!”


Rick Kenn – “I’m outside doing your chi exercise in 36 degrees and I don’t feel the cold here in New Jersey with neighbors are watching me. Well I guess after losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks eating more than I usually eat all Vegan and I feel the energy and I’m addicted. Thanks for the great start I’m in 100% Thanks Bill!”


Vincenzo Petrone “This morning I was in a very bad mood and weak physical state…I start to do your exercises… I felt energies in arms/ legs/ chest.. everywhere.. something inside me moved… Bill, You were so helpful!”

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