3 Herbs for Weight Loss & Everyday Toxins to Eliminate to Lose Weight Fast

 This webinar will show you simple herbs for weight loss, how to use them to lower inflammation & lose weight.   


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Learn About Obesogens

Toxins in your household you ingest every day that cause weight gain regardless of what you eat


Learn How Malnutrition of Nutrients Causes Massive Weight Gain

Most people on the Standard American Diet have it


Learn how pH Balance Affects Your Weight

If off you won’t absorb any nutrients from your food causing you to always be hungry 

Find Out if You Have Swollen Organs

This is a cause of bloat, weight gain, enlarged abdominal area & other issues

"Bill's classes changed my digestive problems and showed me what I was doing wrong."
Vicky Sterman
"The program is very easy as it maps out what to do and what to avoid."
Andrea Kish
"Bill has the most solid & simple nutrition program I have ever done"
Jourdan Dufort

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