Guided Meditation Mini-Courses

This video shows techniques for meditation & incorporating your Qi (or Chi) as a way of removing negative energy & adding positive.

The mini-courses below have a complete tutorial of what to do and how to meditate. 

How to Meditate for These Guided Meditations:

About These Guided Meditation Techniques (Below)

These meditations show you important aspects of your physical and energy body that most people have not yet accessed because they are not aware they exist. A regular practice using these techniques can help you to get the most from your job, relationship, finances, health& path in life. They have also been shown to increase your energy, allow for better sleep, and other unexpected positive occurrences.


 Success With Meditation

Part of the reason people have so much success with these meditations is because they combine activity from your physical, mental, and energetic body and attune you to your highest vibration. They can also help you with stress, lack of confidence, overeating, bad habits, and self-doubt.


About the Guided Meditations & Mini Courses Below

The meditations below have been developed from over 20 years of personal study with Monks & Shamanic healers. They are thousand-year-old Non-Religious practices, that were once in secret.

How Can They Help You? 

People have told me they help greatly with anxiety stress, have overcome overwhelming emotional & physical pain, and much more. An immediate effect is that positive coincidences and connections almost always dramatically increase in a new practitioner’s life and they have better sleep.

Where to Begin

Where to Begin?

Each guided meditation comes with a full class session about the meditation and the objective you are going for. These are mini-courses with guided meditations attached. Group 1 (below) is a perfect place to start.

Lesson Format

4 sessions & 4 Guided Meditations in each group.


What Are These?

Summary Explanation of Guided Meditations Groups

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Group 1 - Best for Energy Activation & Clearing (Most Popular)

  • “The Ball & Barrier of Light” Meditation – a way to charge and cleanse your energy, go into an alpha state, and get out of your thoughts. My first meditation in all of my classes. The lesson covers What is “Chi” how to move it and how to meditate. 
  • “The Emotional Extraction” Meditation – A powerful way to remove any negative emotions and bring you back to feeling yourself. The lesson is about negative vs positive energy and how to get what you want. 
  • “The Chakra Balance Meditation Technique” – Powerful way to charge each of the energy centers in your body giving you better results in areas of your life such as grounded-ness, sex, creativity, self-esteem, compassion, expression, insight, and connection to spirit.
  • “Couple’s Tantric/Energy Meditation – Using Tantric energy techniques the couple is shown how to combine their heart and sexual energy for more passion and understanding for one another. There are also 2 techniques for solo tantra meditation

Group 2 - For Success & Prosperity

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  • “The Subconscious Visualization for Success Meditation” A guided subconscious imagery to reprogram your brain for gratitude & success. The lesson is about setting intentions and your mini-missions.
  • “The Heart & Mind Success Meditation” Connect your heart & mind and bring the energy and vibration of prosperity and success to your being. This helps to break subconscious blocks in any aspect of life.
  • “The “Sanctuary Safe Place” – Meditation allows you to visit your private hideaway to inspire creativity or other questions you have in and about your life.
  • “The Flower Technique” Meditation – Do you have trouble manifesting? This can show you why. It is a way to tap into your subconscious and see the level of power you have for manifesting and how to improve it.

Group 3 - To Fight Anxiety, Depression, or Low Mood

bed up

(It is recommended to start with group 1 first before this one) 

  • “The Morning Motivation to Get Out of Bed” Meditation – Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Dealing with Depression or low energy? This can help. The lesson is about habits and rituals leading to success & the importance of “bridge” tasks
  • Meditation to Alleviate Addiction & “Front-line susceptibilities” – Meditation in general, is proven more powerful than many typical approaches to overcome addiction. This guided meditation is a powerful way to help overcome any negative habit or pattern.
  • “The Chronic Negativity Release” Meditation – Do you sometimes feel cursed? Feel that you cannot get out of a rut? This can help get in touch with why energetically as well as subconsciously and remove it.
  • “The Cord Cutting” Meditation – This meditation will help you to release any ties to negative energy, people, and the past.
  • Bonus – “The Emotional Extraction” Part 2 – Techniques for dealing with unhealthy Attachment and taking back and sealing your energy. 

Group 4 - For Grounding - (Helpful for balancing emotions, negativity, & Calm)

  • “The Grounding Cord Creation Meditation” – This will connect you to the center of the earth with a grounding cord that can remove negative emotions and negative energy out of your body.
  • “The Unity Consciousness Meditation” – Connect to what indigenous tribes refer to as Mother Earth for grounding and move into your heart’s energy to connect with the divine. A powerful way to manifest and move to higher dimensions or mental states.
  • “The Self-Healing Meditation” –The most powerful techniques I have found to bring in assistance in self-healing, Chi, and positive light to help with any type of self-healing.
  • “The Remote Healing Meditation” – (Known as Remote Healing) These are the most powerful techniques I have found to bring assistance in sending love, healing, Chi, and positive light to assist in the healing of someone else. 

Meditations to Release Your Thoughts Bringing Results!

The Guided Meditation Explains Everything

Starting with deep breathing and relaxation of all your muscles, each guided meditation walks you through all the steps. 

Learn to move your “Chi” and eliminate Negative Energy & Bring in Positive 

These techniques are powerful for manifesting, health, prosperity, happiness, and more. 

Mini Courses

Each Guided Meditation comes with a lesson about meditation & the corresponding objective of the meditation to improve your practice. 

What People Are Saying


No, the techniques are explained in the introductory video above, and in the meditation itself (the audio file), I walk you through each part, explaining everything you need to do. You won’t need anything else but you can email us if you have a question at ( We have 100% success rate with people who are committed to the practice.

I recommend doing them in a comfortable place such as your bed before you go to sleep or when you wake up. They can be done anywhere you feel comfortable. Just don’t do them while driving or any place relaxation can cause a problem since they can put you in an altered state or to sleep.

These meditations are designed to focus your mind so that you are not distracted by your random thoughts. As explained in the Benefits of Meditation video below, it will provide you with all the benefits without the negative or excessive thoughts getting in the way.

More and more science is proving the incredible benefits meditation provides, it is a practice everyone can and does benefit greatly from. See the video above explaining benefits of meditation or my blog here.

All meditation practices are beneficial. These have been developed over my 20 years of personal experience based on thousand-year-old practices, that will allow you to focus better and move into an Alpha state long enough to experience all the benefits of meditation including a mind-body-spirit alignment, long after you’ve completed the meditation.

You can, however you will probably fall asleep. If that is your sole objective, then by all means, but these meditations will have best results sitting with your back straight perpendicular to the ground. This puts your Chakras in alignment. 

Your third eye can be found about an inch above your eyebrows in the center of your forehead. The exact location can be found by measuring the distance from the tip of your chin to the tip of your nose with your thumb and index finger. Once you have this measured without moving your hand, move your thumb from your chin to the tip of your nose. Where your index finger is now will be your third eye point. This is where you should look up to when in meditation. Looking here will help to activate your third eye for insight and your pineal gland, connecting you to universal energy.

Bill Farr

Bill Farr is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness coach with over 400,000 followers and over 10 million YouTube views. He is a certified Master Herbalist and a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, an instructor in various forms of meditation, an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, Qi Gong instructor, and Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Having trained with Shamanic Healers, Monks, Indian Gurus, & Chi Gong Masters for over 30 years Bill has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Love Engineer, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and on over 100 radio shows.