Everything You Need to Actually Get The Benefits of Meditation

These tips & hacks can allow you to have a regular practice of meditation. I developed them from over 20 years of teaching meditation  

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Why People Can’t Meditate

Typically there are 3 things that prevent people from meditating & how to overcome them are in the webinar. 


Why do I feel more stressed out when I try to meditate?

Often people feel worse when starting to meditate. I have tips to avoid this easily. 


5 Simple Hacks

These can help you to control your negative thoughts and have great meditations every time you sit down to do it.

Overcome Anxiety & Improve Focus

Exercises that you can do in meditation & others outside of meditation that we cover as well. 

"Very simple yet profound life-changing tips everyone should do. So happy I found you Bill, thank you for all this."
Sebastian Di Luciano
"I've tried and wanted to meditate so many times and this webinar got me to the point that I could."
John Doe
"Whoever Created these techniques is Genius. Thank you and so many blessings! "
Monique Lyons

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