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Group 1 - Four Meditations for Energy Activation & Clearing

Use your Internal Energy or Chi to Clear Negative Emotions & Attract What You Want!


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About The Group 1 Meditations

(See Benefits Below)





Four Guided Meditations Included:

  1. “The Ball & Barrier of Light” Meditation – Charge and cleanse your energy
  2. “The Emotional Extraction” Meditation – Remove negative energy & emotions
  3. “The Chakra Balance Meditation Technique” – Powerfully charge your specific energy centers
  4. “Couple’s Tantric/Energy Meditation – Using Tantra combine your heart & sexual energy 

(Furter Explanations Below) 

Key benefits from these Guided Meditations 

An immediate effect is better sleep, better mood, and attract better people to you.

  • Reduce stress even for those with the highest level of stress
  • Helps to Release Emotional attachments better mood, less anxiety. 
  • Helps with OCD, ADD, ADHD, depression, and other psychological issues
  • Connect & Aligns Chakras
  • Help with Better Sleep
  • Helps to attract Better People 

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Many Years of Success Stories with These Meditations


Could Not Meditate Before This!


“I have tried to meditate many times before this seminar but could never stop my mind from running. Bill’s meditations changed that for me and now do these every day and notice everything in my life is better because of it.”

Tom Pinkas

monique lyons

Most Powerful Meditations I've ever done!


“The most powerful meditations I’ve ever done! I feel so connected to source and mother earth than ever. Whoever created this meditation is a genius! Thank you so much for impacting my path in such a powerful way. Many blessings to you! 🕉❤”

Monique Lyone

paul patos

So Simple


“The ‘Barrier of Light’ meditation is so simple for me to follow and benefits me greatly. Being new to meditation I have searched around youtube and other resources and have found this one to be easy and I like the way Bill describes it in his videos on how to build Chi to incorporate with the meditation. Thank you so much for all your support.”

Paul Patos

Further Explanation of Group 1 Meditations

1. “The Ball or Barrier of Light Meditation”

This is the first and foundation of the series of no-fluff, advanced meditations made simple that create a specific result that can positively change things within your life, often immediately. reiki-hands-with-ball-of-light-in-middle-300x263

In these meditations, you will hear shamanic drums, didgeridoo (didge), flute, and other relaxing high-frequency sounds, like Himalayan singing bowls to help to raise your vibration and take you into an alpha state in order to cleanse your energy.

13 Minute Meditation – Throughout your day, with simple stresses it is normal to have your internal Chi scatter, spending valuable energy on people, places, or situations. Once understanding this technique, this meditation will show you how to protect yourself from that and bring more positive energy within, with a few simple steps.


2. “The Emotional Extraction Meditation”

This meditation is especially good if you are carrying a strong negative emotion such as a break-up, Anxiety, depression, feeling of betrayal, job loss, nervousness, or any bad feeling you want to get rid of. 

It can be powerful to remove negative emotions well as your emotional prison of jealousy, suspicion, skepticism, frustration, anger, lack of patients, sadness, helplessness, neediness, fear, bitterness, and anything you can identify you don’t like within your mind or just an entity you feel has been weighing on you and taking your energy.

Although most meditations can and are better used proactively, this can be used in a constricting moment. 

12 Minute Meditation – This body atlas shows where researchers found 700 participants found bodily sensations reside with specific emotions. This could help you to identify the emotion you are feeling within your body. This meditation offers a means to remove unwanted ones, such as fear or anxiety.

Identify & Remove The Negative 


3. “The Seven Chakras Healing Technique” Meditation

chakra actions2Within our body, there are seven energy centers known as “chakras”. They move up through the vertical center of the body, ending at the head. Each one affects different aspects of our reality and connects our mind and energy body to our physical body. They send and receive information to and from the outside world. Healthy chakras are open and vibrant providing well-being and can open higher consciousness. Unhealthy chakras are closed causing emotional and physical issues.

In this meditation, I show you how to open, cleanse and detox the chakras easily. Throughout the meditation, you will hear the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls in notes that correspond with the particular chakra we are charging.

More than 90% of people have at least one and more closed chakras. Meditation like this and energy work can help to open them allowing for positive shifts in your life with health, relationships, love, money, and more.

4. “The Couples Tantra Energy Meditation” 

Sacred+Sex+Real+Love+TruthThis meditation is a way of clearing negative energy and bringing in and sharing love energy between two people. There are also 2 other meditations that can be done alone added as a bonus. This joins the chakras of those doing the technique.

This combines powerful tantric energy techniques to bring couples closer together with loving energy. Starting with a detox and clearing of negative energy, then we bring in love. Next, the couple identifies and exchanges energy between chakras, then sexual energy and shares it and brings the energy to your hearts and reverse. Next, each partner is shown to enter the energy of the other person’s heart bringing newfound respect and understanding of one another allowing for more connection, more happiness, and meaningful, deeper, and joyful sex.holographic-consciousness

These are combined meditations learned from Buddhist monks and shamans. Nothing is required but it is a good idea to have comfortable clothes, perhaps a blindfold or cloth to remove the light from your eyes helping activate your pineal gland, and perhaps a pen and paper to write down any intuitions, notes, or pressing thoughts you have that might distract your flow. Once purchased you will own the meditation and can repeat as often as you like.

Bill Farr


Bill Farr is a best-selling author, speaker, and wellness coach with over 400,000 followers and over 10 million YouTube views. He is a certified Master Herbalist and a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, an instructor in various forms of meditation, an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, Qi Gong instructor, and Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Having trained with Shamanic Healers, Monks, Indian Gurus, & Chi Gong Masters for over 30 years Bill has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Love Engineer, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and on over 100 radio shows.

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