Couples Communication for Strong Willed Alpha’s & Their Partners

Save Your Relationship! – Couples Communication for Alpha Males and Their Partners Get Communication Skills to Overcome Stubborn Relationship Challenges –Join Online for a Private Personalized Experience– In over ten years of coaching couples in relationships, the most frustrating thing to watch was two people fall from love over not being able to communicate what […]

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Save Your Relationship! – Couples Communication for Alpha Males and Their Partners

Get Communication Skills to Overcome Stubborn Relationship Challenges

–Join Online for a Private Personalized Experience–

In over ten years of coaching couples in relationships, the most frustrating thing to watch was two people fall from love over not being able to communicate what they want. This is the greatest barrier in troubled relationships and it stops here.

Have you tried to discuss important topics with your partner… but when one of you doesn’t agree, or feels attacked, it leads to defensiveness or avoidance / shutting down.  And you think, “How did we end up here again?!  All I said was…… ” And the issue remains unresolved, and resentment builds.  Neither person is understood, creating distance and disconnect.

  • Stop the endless spiral of fights that resolve to nowhere.
  • Stop feeling stuck in your relationship.
  • Stop feeling that what you used to love about your partner is something you now hate.
  • Stop feeling like ending it is the only way out.

Get the Relationship You Want

The steps you have taken up until now have gotten you everything you have in the relationship you are living. This seminar will turn all that upside down and give you new results as it has for so many. 


Stop wishing you had a good relationship and do something about it.

Even If You’ve Tried Everything

What’s Your Commitment?

– 30 minutes a day

Benefits of Using These Techniques:

  • Learn how to turn complaints into getting what you actually want. 
  • Develop awareness of your fighting style to prevent crossing your mental boundaries. 
  • Learn a series of strategies for when you lose your temper to avoid blowing your relationship up. 
  • Know your partner’s subconscious triggers and how to avoid them to get what you want. 
  • Techniques to have ongoing difficult conversations so both people get what they want. 
  • Put an end to constant fighting and get back to connection and feeling appreciation and respect.

Specific Steps for getting any Alpha, or thick-headed, strong-willed, unbudgeable men and women to hear you and give you what you want! 

  • You will feel better about your relationship seeing hope where there was none. 
  • Gain the confidence in your own communication that translates to all relationships. 
  • Get back to a healthy existence together with respect. 
  • Even if you leave this relationship, it will help all your others. 

From the author of the best-selling book, “The Power of Personality Types in Love & Relationships” 

  •  The status and mood of your relationship will determine everything else in your life, as you have seen. 
  • Improve everything about yourself, in and out of a relationship. 

Are You Sick of a Mediocre Relationship?



  • Defensiveness
  • Frustration
  • Disconnection

Many people have convinced themselves they can’t:

– Have the love they once shared again.

– Not feel knots in their stomach every time they want something from their partner.

– Ever get along seamlessly again.

– Eliminate the constant drama.

– Their partner will never listen to them.

– Their partner needs to do all this work with them, but you can do it without them. 

This seminar will change all of that and more!

What to expect:

  • Master the art of discussing challenging topics without conflict.
  • Acquire techniques to overcome past hurts and move your relationship forward.
  • Gain clarity on the future of your partnership.
  • Navigate the journey of rebuilding trust with expert guidance.
  • Turn the page to a fresh start and embrace a new beginning.
  • Unlock the keys to deepening love and intimacy.
  • Discover inner peace and harmony within yourself and your relationship.
  • Experience a guaranteed transformation in both your life and relationship!

Who can benefit from this:

  • Couples seeking rapid and effective transformation.
  • Couples facing urgent crises and in need of immediate assistance.
  • Any romantic relationship striving for enduring positive change.
  • Couples considering premarital counseling to lay a strong foundation for their future together.
  • Partners desire to enhance their communication skills and deepen their emotional connection.
  • Couples navigating major life transitions and seeking guidance to navigate them together.
  • Individuals aiming to strengthen trust, intimacy, and commitment within their relationship.
  • Couples seeking expert support to overcome specific challenges and revitalize their partnership.

This Seminar Includes:

  • Full online program for life with audio files, text, and a personalized plan.
  • Understanding of your fighting style.
  • Reactive versus proactive behavior.
  • Examples of what to say in different scenarios.
  • Multiple exercise techniques for safe disagreements.
  • Simple things to never say in arguments.
  • Communication Stages
  • How to shut off the fight or flight in your brain.
  • How to create an environment to listen.
  • Overcoming complaining and nagging.
  • Rules to Love by.
  • Understanding your own brain’s protection mechanism.


Everyday Use

The lessons you will learn will positively affect your work, relationship, health, hobbies, friendships, money, and your time. These are real tools to overcome the hardships that have blocked you in the past.



With over 6 million views on YouTube and over 300,000 social media followers, there are many testimonials of Bill’s work and his seminars. Here are a few:

This is an incredibly concise and refreshing perspective, perfectly designed to allow for real growth, less pain, and more results.”
  • Dr. Nivea Briggitte Calico, MD Psychiatrist


Bill’s seminars are just what they say. Life changing, offering positive growth in all aspects of life and easily applicable for anyone.”
  • Laura McLauchlin, Marriage & Family Therapist, M.S., LMFT, Counsel for “Teen Mom” (Season 4)


“This work will expedite dating failure and success, and show you how to achieve harmony, move to a purposeful life with more pleasure, less suffering, and teach you all you need to become healthy. You want real change? Then do this seminar with Bill.”
  • Nataliya Nozharova, Life Coach, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, Author, The Heart’s Diaries
“This seminar is like no other in that it will take your whole life and transform it to one completely different than the day you started it.”
  • Harry Paul, Shamanic Healer & Life Coach,


“Billy empowers people with helpful tools to improve their lives. If you’re really ready to get off the relationship merry-go-round and improve your health in mind, body, and spirit, do yourself a favor: Sign up for this seminar.”
  • Regal Hawke Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker, On-Air Personality




Bill’s Work

Bill is a certified Master Herbalist, a Diet & Nutritional Advisor, a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, a best selling author, has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with Police Departments, jails, the US Air Force, professional athletes, artists, consulted for fortune 100 companies on avoiding burnout & lowering stress in the workplace.

Bill is certified to give Police & Corrections Officers their official Training hours by The Peace Officer Standard & Training (POST), STC, & IADLEST with his anti-burnout and mental wellness courses.

Bill is a best selling author, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and many more, with over 100 radio interviews. He has over 400,000 Social Media Followers & over 10 Million Video views.


Who Needs This? / Who Doesn’t?


– This seminar is for people who are searching for answers and ready to take action.

– It’s for people who are interested in the psychology behind why some people are able to save their relationship and others cannot. 

– It’s for people who are finally ready to let go of a “know it all” ego, that has gotten them into negative situations.

– This is for people who are open-minded to radical ideas that make actual changes in their life positively and willing to put in some effort.

  • This is for people who want results.