Group 3 – Guided Meditations to Fight Anxiety, Depression, or Low Mood     

This is the third group of four guided meditations with short lessons in a series of energy activators.

    All done online from your computer

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Group 3 – Meditations to Fight Anxiety, Depression, or Low Mood    

 (It is recommended to start with group 1 first before this one)

  1. “The Morning Motivation to Get Out of Bed” Meditation– Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Dealing with Depression or low energy? This Morning meditation can help.
  2. Meditation to Help Alleviate Addiction – Meditation in general, is proven more powerful than many typical approaches to overcome addiction. This guided meditation is a powerful way to help overcome any negative habit or pattern.
  3. “The Chronic Negativity Release” Meditation – Do you sometimes feel cursed? Feel that you cannot get out of a rut? This can help get in touch with why energetically as well as subconsciously and remove it.
  4. “The Cord Cutting Meditation” – This meditation will help you to release any ties to negative energy, people, and the past.
  5. Bonus – “The Emotional Extraction Part 2” – Techniques for dealing with unhealthy Attachment and taking back and sealing your energy. 

If you would prefer a full course on meditation The “21-Day Energy Activation Meditation” is available here. 

(There are 11 Guided Meditations & 13 techniques that come with that course)


Further Explanation of Meditations:

“The Morning Meditation to Get Out of Bed”


This meditation is designed to raise your vibration using light and your inner chi to lower anxiety, worry, and low motivation. The feeling of not wanting to get out of bed can be paralyzing, even though we know laying there will only make things worse. This is a meditation that is best performed in the morning but many have told me it relaxes their mind enough to help them happily fall asleep as well.


Expel the negative energy, and blocks holding you down. This meditation uses high-frequency sound from Himalayan singing bowls, shamanic didgeridoo, and other sounds that are designed to expel bad energy and emotions that hold you back or get in your way. (9 minutes, & can even be done laying down. Just press play and listen)



“Meditation to Release Addictions”

cropped-426266_316652611704096_204627769573248_818167_432910393_n1Addictions are often a disguise to protect us from an overindulgent fear from lack of control or feeling overwhelmed. In this meditation, we incorporate many tools to create a change in your emotional and energetic system examining root causes of fear such as: Failing to meet expectations, loss, loneliness, or a potential series of challenges.

This meditation can be used for any type of addiction including Abusive relationships, too much time playing video games, smartphones, food, cigarettes, alcohol, porn, drugs, or anything else causing a negative result you wish to change.

Alternative Approach

Energetically, addictions come from abscesses in our energetic body that can be sealed with light, healing the loss of energy from within. We also handle the judgment of our fears, shame, and what we may be hiding from.

People often feel weightless after doing this meditation and able to move freely in a way they have not done so in a long time. The experience can be a kind of liberation. It can also help a person to notice cravings before they take hold of you and experience them without having to reach for them. It can help to let go of needs and attachments that are unhealthy for us with new ways to cope with stress.

Using meditation to go within can help us develop the capacity to see clearly exactly what we’re attached to so that we can let go of it and move towards the end of our suffering.


“Meditation to Release Chronic Negativity”

This is an advanced meditation that anyone can do as part of a larger teaching of Cameron Day’s work of cleansing and separating yourself from unwanted energies and blocks. This meditation comes in five chapters with two parts. The parts are together in one meditation but can be stopped between part 1 & 2 if you would prefer to continue another time.

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 11.10.53 PM

The idea is to get the chapters down in your head so that you can do them on your own without the guidance in a short quick spurt. This is a meditation as well as an instructional session. The chapters include how to experience opening your pineal gland and crown chakra, a powerful cleansing, then a return of your lost or frivolously spent energy, how to minimize your ego, reclaiming energy from self-constructed blocks, what to do about stuck energy, and freeing yourself from the cycle.

I highly suggest these teachings to everyone but especially people who have chronic issues in their life they can’t seem to get away from despite all their spiritual work. This can help to disconnect ongoing issues and clear you of them as you learn the technique and are able to do it on your own. Although I have found that most people who believe that they are cursed are actually NOT, but they can be carrying negativity from your physical lineage that has been passed down. This is a way to break that cycle.


“The Cord Cutting Meditation” – 

This meditation allows you to release unhealthy attachments from the past from people, places, and things. It offers a way to notice where you have attachments energetically, cut them, and take back your energy. This is a must for people who are holding on to or constantly thinking of the past, feel they can’t get over something and want to manifest a better future. 

Bonus – “The Emotional Extraction – Part 2” – Dealing with a Break-up or Other Attachment.

energy movement in the body

In this meditation, particularly good for a breakup or separation from attachment to others, there are three techniques presented for detaching and bringing you back to center. Those are a breathing technique to get the negative feeling out of you, a way to transform negative emotion to love and then release, and most important a way to come back to center and get in touch with your aura, which is often offset under emotional stress.

Once understanding these techniques you can do them when you feel attachment, sadness, jealousy or any other negative emotions to come back to yourself. After doing so I recommend journaling about the negative emotions to further get them out of your system.

There is no requirement for this meditation and anyone can do it. I recommend doing this after trying the first emotional extraction, which I find to be very powerful. This one is more designed to get at the root and as a long-term release, cutting ties such as the one in the photo:



These are combined meditations learned from Buddhist monks and Shaman. Nothing is required but it is a good idea to have comfortable clothes, perhaps a blindfold or cloth to remove the light from your eyes helping activate your pineal gland, and perhaps a pen and paper to write down any intuitions, notes, or pressing thoughts you have that might distract your flow. Once purchased you will own the meditation and can repeat as often as you like.