The Instruction Manual For the Human Body

In two months this seminar will show you holistic techniques for how to get to your perfect weight, health, and achieve your highest energy levels and mental clarity while freeing yourself of physical and mental illness naturally and sustainably.

  • LOCATION Your computer with weekly life group lessons from Zoom

PRICE $2995.00


The Complete Body Seminar for Weight Loss & Health

Stop Attempting Diets that will put you in a cycle of gaining and losing weight!

Instead, remove your subconscious blocks and self-sabotage combining a mind and spiritual approach to the health of your body.

Go for Health!

– Stop putting your body through unhealthy cycles.

– The work we do here will offer you more energy, better sleep, help prevent sickness and disease, and be proud to wear a bathing suit on the beach, or that dress, or tailored suit you want to turn heads in.

Get the Body You Want Using Your Mind

Do you sometimes think, I’d like a completely new body? Or new, with the things that I like from the body you have now? Lack of purpose is behind weight gain, depression, unhappy in work, or relationships, not able to get projects done. Breaking into the subconscious with a mind body spirit approach can change all this.

Take a Step to Alter Your Life

Your thoughts, actions, and food you eat have gotten you the body and life you live now. This seminar will turn it upside down and give you completely different results. Guaranteed! Or you get your money back within 21 days!

Overcome Your Blocks

Drop the process of perfectionism you think has been helping you, and find the success you want. We practice a little better every day, and this will find you on the road to your goal. It’s okay to have a bad workout, or cook a healthy meal that tastes terrible, or just take baby steps to build your website. The consistency will drive success over procrastination.

Are you Sick of Mediocrity?

Stop wishing you had a good body or more energy or didn’t get sick and do something to change that. Perfectionism and not completing is a cause of a lack of purpose. This seminar will open the space for a change to occur.

Even if you’ve tried everything…

– Even if you are sick, don’t have time, tried everything, don’t feel purpose or like your job, and are losing your hope, you will have breakthroughs with this seminar.

Your Commitment

– 30 minutes a day

Potential Benefits from Techniques in this Seminar:

– Create the body you want – lose weight, gain muscle, become healthy

– Actually Meditate

– Remove marketed false beliefs about health and educate yourself with all you need to know about your body

– Empower yourself to achieve your health and bodily goals

– Remove any insecurities about your body

– Remove psychological barriers that sabotage your success

– Improve your sleep

Benefit Within the Benefit

– You’ll feel better about yourself

– More confident

– More creative

– Healthier

– People will want to be around you more

All aspects of your life will improve for you.

Think you don’t have 30 minutes a day?

I will change that by giving you the Efficiency Seminar 2.0 Peak Performance Seminar for free!

– This maps out the habits of how CEOs and other highly-efficient accomplished people get things done and will allow you to change everything in your life.

What is Stopping You?

  • You have a money-back guarantee
  • What would you pay to have the body you want?
  • The relationship you want?
  • Feel purpose in your life?
  • Understand why you have gained weight back so many times or can’t lose weight.
  • Learn why you can’t meditate.
  • Learn why you think you don’t have time.

Many times people are depressed and have no idea it’s due to their diet, or that electromagnetic fields are wearing them down. I’m going to take the hassle out of change and you’ll begin to welcome it.

I know the emotional toll you’ve been through with everything that was supposed to help you change but didn’t. We’re going to change that.

 A lot of people have convinced themselves they can’t:

  • Lose weight in a short amount of time sustainably
  • Get a good night sleep
  • Feel energy all day
  • Meditate
  • Eliminate the baggage in their life, along with the weight
  • Get the life they want

This seminar will change all of that!

– You’ve never tried a mind, body, spirit approach like this, otherwise, you would have success. There is no other Seminar like this and I guarantee it will work for you or you have 21 days to get your money back.

Move to Contentment & Purpose

– How much better would your days be if you knew you were taking steps towards your best health?

– If you had the education of a health professional?

– If you didn’t get sick? 

– If you knew all the best techniques and hacks for health?

– Knew all the best all-natural products for your teeth, skin, hair that didn’t damage your body?

– Were able to consistently meditate?

– How has low energy, a bad diet, and not feeling purpose affecting your mood and energy? Your work? Your family? How about the goals that you will never reach because you can’t get out of the upset you’re stuck in?

Hacks for Everyday Use

The lessons you will learn will affect every part of your life -Your work, relationship, health, hobbies, friendships, money and your time. You will have real tools to overcome the hardships that have been blocking you.


– I have traveled the world studying with different masters learning this program including Shamanic Healers, different forms of Natural Medicine, including Chi Gong, Ayurveda, nutrition, holistic doctors, herbalists & more.

Free Offer

We will be offering the other Efficiency 2.0 Peak Performance seminar for free & one private coaching session to give you a boost in the work when you get this seminar.

My Commitment to You

I am committed to your success in losing weight, achieving the best health possible for you, and your mental goals for your body.


With over 5 million views on youtube and over 250,000 social media followers, there are many testimonials of Bill’s work and his seminars. Here are a few:

If you want to remove your blocks and start achieving the life you want, and the body you want, the work in this seminar shows you how. Cindy Lu, Love Coach, Author, “The Four Man Plan”
Truly, Bill has handled a very complex topic in such a clear and organized manner. I congratulate him on the ease in which his ideas are communicated. –Lynn Thompson Radio Host – Living on Purpose Communications – 
Bill Farr’s passion for helping people and his deep understanding of the body and mind is immediately evident in his work. I found Bill to be an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable about the connection between mind, body and spirit in preparing oneself towards a healthy body and higher consciousness. I would highly recommend Bill’s seminars to anyone seeking the path to health and reaching their goals. Barb Adams, Talk Radio Host, Amerika Now
Every once in a while you meet someone that has an enormous impact on your life, that helps you open your eyes and reach profound realizations. I was fortunate enough to find Bill and recommend his seminars to everyone seeking a higher perspective and the body you want. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! – Tom Pinkas, Creative Thinker, Entrepreneur 

You are Important to us…

We need success stories. I learned the information in this and my other seminars for the purpose of helping people to live their best life, achieve their goals, finding perfect health, and living the life they dreamed of and then sharing it with others. Let’s work on your life and build your story next.

Value Translated

– When you break down the psychological barriers that become obvious to you, you have a new opportunity to get the body you want, and the happiness and confidence you deserve. You’ll have the opportunity for better health, better relationships, more respect and happiness you deserve.

– Seeing your patterns right in front of you allows you to finally let them drop from your body like an anchor.

– With this new outlook and time management, you will find the time you need to accomplish all that you want, including exercise, cooking, and other hobbies like writing that book or website you’ve been thinking of or the dance or music class you’ve wanted to take.

What will you save?

– You will save your emotional well being, and stop suffering.

– You’ll stop wasting time on the wrong diets, eating plans, and health routines.

– Less sick days

– More sleep

– More energy for your family and friends

Stop putting off the life you really want

Are you tired of being up and down in your weight, health but also your relationship and confidence?

Do you want to know your subconscious blocks and how they hold you back?

When you do, you realize they have been getting in the way of everything you want including your purpose.

Empower Yourself with Awareness

This will all help you to lower your stress, anxiety, and depression. And there are supporting foods, herbs, essential oils, supplements, and a full menu of meditations that will help your process.

Bill Farr

Bill Farr is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness coach with over 400,000 followers and over 10 million YouTube views. He is a certified Master Herbalist and a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, an instructor in various forms of meditation, an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, Qi Gong instructor and Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Bill has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Love Engineer, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and on over 100 radio shows. 

What Do You Get?

Each week, for eight weeks, you will get Audio files, with a lesson and workbook exercise questions

  • – These will have all the information you need including videos, products, eating plans, exercise plans, and more.
  • – This is designed to all be completed in under an hour a day
  • – You will have access to either a weekly private session with Bill Farr or a group class.
  • – 21-Day money-back guarantee
  • – Full Menu of Meditations
  • – Full Menu of Chi Gong Videos
  • – Eliminate Foods Lists
  • – Product List
  • – Free video recipes
  • – Mind, Body, Spirit evaluation

Sign up ASAP and receive “The Efficiency 2.0 Peak Performance Seminar” for FREE (3-week program)

– Don’t waste any more time on books, diets, therapy, the cycle of losing & gaining weight. Get into your subconscious mind and eliminate the blocks that stop you.

– Stop Falling for Marketing by companies that are getting you to buy foods they tell you are healthy.


Who Needs This? / Who Doesn’t?

– This seminar is for people who are searching for an education on the truth about health, weight loss, illness, and disease.

– It’s for people who are sick of the marketing and lies told by greedy, unethical corporations.

– It’s for those who want the latest and most pertinent techniques for health.

– People who are interested in the psychology behind why some people lose weight, become healthy, have energy, mental clarity and others cannot.

– It’s for people who are finally ready to let go of a know it all ego, that has produced less than satisfying results.

– This is for people who are open-minded to radical ideas that cause actual change in their body and life positively and willing to put in some effort. And it’s for people who want results.

Not for Most

– This is not for people who want to waste their time going to something for entertainment or the fluff of self-help or fad diets, with little to no change.

– This is not for people who want to argue why they are right, despite not having the results in their life.

Time & Money Constraints

The work is done in under an hour a day. You’ll also have more time, mental clarity, energy, and better sleep by following the protocol. If you think it’s too expensive to change your health, happiness, confidence, and life, think of what not changing is costing you. 

What is your current health costing you in time, energy, sleep, relationship, career, happiness, and your lack of execution? How much money have you wasted not getting the result you wanted? My work carries a money-back guarantee. Ask a nutritionist for the same and see how they react.

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

The money spent here is a fraction of the cost it will take to learn this on your own, a fraction of the time, and that’s if you spent all of your life trying to find it. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, over 20 years, and traveled all over the world for what I present here and have results to prove it.

My Commitment

“I am committed to support your process the entire way through with weekly classes and fight harder for you than you will even fight for yourself, and every person in every class, workshop, private session, or seminar will attest to this. ” – Bill Farr

And everyone and anyone in any health situation can do this and benefit greatly from it. You are smart enough, have enough time, have enough money for the investment, and it’s not going to be too hard either. It requires more determination over intelligence. Don’t have determination? Then that is one of the first blocks you will learn to overcome.

Success Built In

– This is the only seminar that doesn’t come with the pain of failure already built-in. It overcomes everything getting in your way of success that you didn’t work on before.

– Losing weight is most often a psychological or spiritual issue, not a physical one. Although I go over all the physical issues you probably have not done so far, I tackle the psychological ones head-on and have had success with those who tried everything.

Summary of Value for Price

You Get:

– Three seminars in one – Mind Body and Spiritual aspects of Health, fitness, & Weight Loss

– Time Management & Efficiency Training

– The education to take action and execute on what you’ve been putting off for years.

– Meditate like you never thought you could

– Change your habits

– Meal Plans / Herb, Supplement & Essential Oil Plans

– Exercise programs

– Reprogram your subconscious mind

– 21-day money-back guarantee

For Body Predominate Seminar

Value Broken Down

– Body predominant seminar (Normal Cost) – 1,999

– Efficiency seminar – $549

– Weekly privates and class – ($200 X 11 weeks – $2,200)

– Forum $499

– Recommended products document – $100

– Eliminate foods list – $100

Total Value = $5,057

Your Cost 1,999