Clean Body & Weight Loss Seminar

In 5 weeks this seminar will show you holistic techniques for how to get to your perfect weight, health, and achieve your highest energy levels and mental clarity while freeing yourself of physical and mental illness naturally and sustainably.

  • LOCATION All done on Your computer

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Guaranteed Weight Loss or Money Back For Those Feeling Stuck or Unable to Lose Weight

Herbs, Supplements, Toxin Elimination, Meal Plans, Breakdown of what to eat & not, Video Exercises from Home, Video Recipes, Healthy Food Replacements for all Snacks & Much More


Are “Obesogens” Affecting Your Weight?

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?
  • Do you not feel as good as you used to and you’re not sure why?
  • Do you get migraines or headaches?
  • Do you or your kids struggle to stay focused?
  • Do you have unexplained rashes or breakouts?
  • Do you or your partner have bad PMS?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you ever feel anxious or depressed?
  • Do your joints ache?

If you answer yes to any of these questions this seminar can give you answers where every other one falls short

Being overweight is a kind of disease, one that can lead to many other diseases, that might already be taking place.

Your weight affects you mentally as badly as it does physically as well as all those around you.

Toxins Prevent You From Losing Weight

There are 5 toxins you absorb every day that stop you from losing weight because your body stores them in your fat to protect your organs.

These are called Obesogens – Toxins in your home that prevent you from losing weight, regardless of what you eat.

An Environmental Link to Obesity

Obesogens are artificial chemicals believed to contribute to obesity. These are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that also disrupt our body’s naturally occurring metabolic processes. They promote fat gain, slow your metabolism, and change your feeling of hunger and fullness signals.

Obesogens are also linked to birth defects, premature puberty in girls, demasculinization in men, breast cancer, and other disorders.

How Do Obesogens Affect the Body?

  1. They encourage the body to store fat.
  2. They reprogram stem cells to become fat cells – simply put create more fat cells.
  3. They cause the liver to become insulin resistant – this causes the body to pump out more insulin to control blood sugar, leading to increased fat storage all over the body.
  4. They high-jack your hunger signals, especially leptin, your satiety hormone. Therefore you will be more hungry all the time!
  5. They inhibit fat burning making weight loss or maintenance difficult.
  6. They mimic our hormones and confuse the body.


Free Webinar 

This includes the top five Obesogens and the solutions & 3 herbs to help you lose weight and more for free.


Linked Here – Watch the Free Webinar by Clicking Here to get Started  

Download these 2 PDF’s for the Free Webinar:

1 – 3 Toxins in you Home Making you Fat Regardless of What you Eat

2 – Three Common Herbs to Aid in Weight Loss


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Everything You Need to Finally Lose Weight & Understand How

Part 1 – The Complete “Foundation” Nutritional Plan (Meal plans, exercise from home, herbs, supplements, ingredient list, when to cheat, supermarket shopping list, & more) (6 sessions)
Part 2 – Learn how 95% of people have parasites many of which stop your ability to lose weight & natural ways to eliminate them and stubborn weight. (Diet plan, herbs, supplements, foods to eliminate, full exercise video program, 6 sessions)
Part 3 – Understand why a loss of enzyme production has caused an inability to digest food, lose weight, the necessity to eat more, and how to fix it naturally.
Part 4 – Learn why most people have a hormone imbalance and how this drastically affects weight, mood, sleep, and mental clarity, and how to balance them naturally with herbs.
Part 5 – Understand the function of your Liver & Gallbladder for digesting fats and why many people have difficulty with causing them to gain weight and have hormone problems.
Part 6 – See how your gut microbiome can easily be offset and why that can cause weight gain & inflammation and other problems and how to allow them to thrive naturally.
Part 7 – Learn about your subconscious blocks & how to overcome these along with other weight loss tips.
18 highly information Sessions + multiple video exercise programs for the home, gym, or park. 

The Clean Body & Weight Loss Seminar for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Once you educate yourself and start getting the proper nutrition, being overweight can go away forever and many other diseases that may be behind it.

Myths We Overcome:

  • Myth – You should only lose 2-3 pounds per week
  • Myth – You should count calories
  • Myth – You need to exercise a lot
  • Myth – Your age determines your metabolism,
  • Myth – If you are overweight, have a clean diet, exercise and can’t lose weight, that’s your genetics.
  • All these myths are disproven by actual studies and are uncovered for you

Eastern Medicine Approach

What I show in my first session is not a fad diet or calorie counting program, but a life-changing program. It’s an eastern medicine style preventative approach to overcoming obesity, stubborn weight, inflammation, sickness, and disease. It will also allow you the possibility of safe weight loss faster than any other program I’ve ever seen.

Key benefits from this course

  • A possible 20 pounds in just 4 weeks, because losing weight fast has been proven to be the best way to start losing weight, not two or three pounds a week.
  • This could be 3-4 inches off your waistline or 2-3 dress sizes less.
  • Learn to finally lose weight where every other program fails
  • Sustainable weight loss long term
  • Huge mental benefits overcoming anxiety, unnecessary stress, & more.
  • Can help your hair and skin to look better
  • Can help reflux and constipation
  • Can avoid getting sick all the time
  • Can even help to speed up your metabolism to lose more weight
  • Can Help with digestive problems, getting sick all the time, aches & pains, headaches, lack of focus, bad PMS, & much more. 


This Seminar is Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Better Mood

In addition to more confidence and a better mood, you’ll have a better understanding of what to eat and buy in a supermarket or restaurant for you and your family.

Watch the Free Webinar Linked Above to get started

To understand this better, below I have a free webinar with simple things you can do to lose weight that you probably have not considered and three herbs that can help you.





Bill Farr

Bill is a certified Master Herbalist, a Diet & Nutritional Advisor, a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, a best selling author, has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies on avoiding burnout & lowering stress in the workplace, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and many more, with over 100 radio interviews. He has over 400,000 Social Media Followers & over 10 Million Video views.