Everything You Need to Overcome Burnout with a Mind, Body, & Organizational Approach

I’ve been working with companies to overcome burnout in their employees for over 20 years and the tips in the free webinar can help you to avoid burnout.   


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Learn the Causes & Solutions to Burnout

Once you know the causes you can avoid those & learn what people do that typically doesn’t work and what to do instead. 

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See How Burnout Actually Changes Your Brain

Prolonged burnout actually changes the size of the brain called the amygdala, with is responsible for fight or flight, making it more difficult to get along with anyone. 


Understand The Risks

Burnout can cost not just your job but your relationship with your significant other, children, friendships, as well as your physical & mental health. 

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Overcome Burnout & Anxiety & Improve Focus

My approach can help you to overcome burnout as well as the corresponding conditions associated with it. 

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