Anger & Incident Management for Officers – Part 2

In this 30 day course, you’ll learn how to overcome burnout and all the risk factors associated with working in law enforcement with a mind, body, and spirit approach.

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Anger Management & Incident Prevention for Officers – Part 2

There are a number of things that can biologically cause us to lose ourselves. Lack of sleep, hunger, irritability, lack of nutrients, hormone imbalance, problems at home, addiction (including alcohol), and being pushed too far.

The biggest problem is not having awareness of when we’re getting to that point. This seminar breaks down the stages of an officers threshold buttons so he or she knows when to pull back.

It also includes the “Pre-weapon series” to prevent insiders from happening without our control. This is a mind, body, and spirit approach to holding onto your Executive function in and out of work. 


This is part of a Free Webinar that I did that covers a lot about anger management, causes, and solutions. There is a PDF that goes with it as well.

Download the Free PDF with notes from the webinar here

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Stop The Cycle of Anger & Rage on & off The Job

  • How to prevent and avoid Fight or Flight
  • Dealing with Chronic & Repetitive Stress
  • Understanding the Amygdala 
  • Why do officers withdraw and isolate themselves?
  • Why have so many officers committed suicide?

 For Families of Officers

Avoid neglect and abuse of spouse and family members of officers. 

  • In a state of physical, mental, & emotional exhaustion from demanding circumstances or situations.


We also work on: 

  • Social isolation and lack of interest & socialization
  • Sarcasm, bitterness, resentment, anger – feeling the need to fight or feeling the victim.
  • Noninvolvement in children’s needs and activities because of a lack of patience (or fear of) 

Some of the Solutions Include 

Complete Awareness of Triggers, posture & voice, anchors related to your volcano

Mental Exercises


Deep Breathing 

Hormone Balancing 


Gratitude Training 

Also avoid stress-induced Heart Disease, Diabetes, Ulcers, Stroke & More


4 Hour Self-Paced Online Course with Audio files, Video, and a Plan of Action. 

 Prevention is the Key – It’s Predictable so It’s Preventable 

Just like good policing, this is a preventative approach to safety, which is much easier than fixing a problem after it’s started.

Including The Pre-Weapon Series Checklist

This provides organization in the mental and emotional health of officers as a whole in your department. 

Better Officers / Better People / Better Community Relations

Risk Factors Covered (with solutions for all provided)

  • Loss of the Executive Function of the brain
  • Hormone Imbalance – affecting physical & mental health
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Cynicism & Negativity
  • Withdrawal & Isolation
  • Divorce/Unhappy Relationships
  • Regret & Wasted Time
  • Other factors particular to the officer, the agency as a whole, and the environment including a lack of appreciation leading to resentment.


Solutions Covered For Officers & their Significant others & Adult Family Members

  • Meditation Instruction & Guided Meditation
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Overcoming Reptilian Brain Dominance
  • Overcoming Anxiety & Depression
  • Essential Oils
  • Goal & Priority Management
  • Visualization Training
  • Focus Training
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Gratitude Training
  • Journaling & How to
  • & More

How These Risk Factors Costs a Department/Community:

  • Higher Incidents 
  • Law Suits
  • Poor Police / Community Relations
  • More Accidents
  • Sick days
  • Workers’ Comp 
  • Man Power – Loss of Officers to Retirement, termination, paid or unpaid leave
  • Lowered Productivity
  • Lowered Retention Rate
  • Lowered Engagement

Benefits of Meditation

As an example of the results of this work, In a Harvard study of just 6 weeks of brand new meditators, it was proven that the part of the brain that is responsible for fight or flight response shrank in size. This is the amygdala. And The part of the brain that is responsible for compassion and creativity has been proven to grow. This is something we could all use especially for de-escalation of disagreements on or off the job and so many other things.

When high levels of stress hormones are secreted often, they can contribute to a number of stress-related medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Gastro-Intestinal diseases, adrenal fatigue, and more. Meditation and the other exercises in the program are not only helpful to turn off the fight-or-flight response but to bring the body back to pre-stress levels, which is why it is used by the military including with navy seals and should be made available to all officers as there are so many benefits.


Tracking – Credit for the work

The seminar also includes a back-end system that can track an officer’s class completion, as well as answers to exercise questions and login time, and new lessons not opening up until previous lessons are completed. So there are multiple tracking methods if you’d like to add the completion of this to a bonus program or mandatory for a promotion as an example. Considering the number of risk factors caused directly by the job, some form of credit should be given for the work and it is trackable.

If as an individual officer, you want to get credit for this seminar with the department then send them the link and I’ll do everything I can to get your department on board to offer it with possible credit, either way, the benefits far excide the price and effort as it will directly affect your happiness and that of your family.



Bill is a POST & STC  certified instructor, a certified Master Herbalist, a Diet & Nutritional Advisor, a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, a best selling author, has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies on avoiding burnout & lowering stress in the workplace, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and many more, with over 100 radio interviews. He has over 400,000 Social Media Followers & over 10 Million Video views.





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