The Change Your Life Seminar

The change your life seminar gets you in touch with your core persona by going into your subconscious mind and releasing set up blocks that sabotage your success, allowing you to gain mastery over your emotions and improving every part of your life.

  • LOCATION Your computer with daily lessons and weekly live sessions on Zoom

PRICE $14995.00



The Change Your Life Seminar

Stop with self-help books & seminars that give you a temporary high and no actual change. Instead, remove your subconscious blocks and self-sabotage.

Get the Life You Want

Do you feel stuck? Or sometimes want a completely new life but with the things you like from your life now? A lack of purpose is the underlying problem behind weight gain, depression, unhappiness in work, relationship issues, or not being able to get projects done. Breaking into the subconscious with a mind-body-spirit approach can change this lack of purpose into full purposeful living.

The steps you have taken up until now have gotten you everything you have in the life you are living now. This seminar will turn all of that upside down and give you new results. Guaranteed! Or you have 21 days to get your money back!

Be Okay to Fail

Get okay with bad workouts, or cooking a healthy meal that comes out terrible, or creating a new website that doesn’t have all that you want. The small consistencies are the driving factor in the eventual success driving away procrastination.

Slay Your Demons

Stop wishing you had a good body or a better life and do something about it.

Perfectionism and not completing is one of the causes a feeling of a lack of purpose. If you have that, this seminar will open the space for a change to occur.

Even If You’ve Tried Everything

  • You will have guaranteed breakthrough(s) with this seminar.

What’s Your Commitment?

– 30 minutes a day

Benefits from Removing Blocks & Using My Techniques:

– You can lose body fat

– You will actually meditate and get all the benefits

– You will change your financial situation positively by starting your side business or exploring other ideas you have been afraid to start

– Transform your current relationship or create a great new one and find the contentment that has been eluding you

– You will learn to organize your time and eliminate time-wasters

Benefits Created Within You

– You will feel better about yourself

– Improve the structure of your body and voice with exercises

– Gain the confidence to take the actions you really want

– You will increase your creative capacity and imagination

– You will be healthier

– You will attract the people that will benefit your life

– People will want to be around you more

Think you don’t have 30-40 minutes a day? I will change that by giving you the Efficiency 2.0 Seminar for Free!

– This Seminar maps out the habits of how CEOs and other highly-efficient accomplished people get things done and will allow you to change everything in your life.

Why Not Do This?

– You have a money-back guarantee

– You will learn strategies to make your money back and more

– What would you pay to:

  • – Have the relationship you want?
  • – The body you want?
  • – Have purpose in your life?
  • – Have the answers to releasing your mental blocks?
  • – Be able to meditate?

Are You Sick of Mediocrity?

– I will show you how to find time and motivation to transform your life in areas you previously thought were inaccessible. Learn how to protect yourself from toxins: in your environment, diet, electronics, cookware, personal products, and so much more.

  • This seminar is going to eliminate the emotional toll of trying to make a change with no results.



Many people have convinced themselves they can’t:

– Lose weight in a short amount of time sustainably

– Get their relationship happy again

– Or leave a terrible relationship

– Eliminate the drama in their life

– Meditate

– Make time in their day

This seminar will change all of that and more!

– You may have tried other systems that didn’t work but I can tell you, you’ve never tried a mind, body, spirit approach like this one, otherwise you would have had success.

No other seminar includes all the details, and no other seminar creates as much of a change as you will experience here. If you find a single seminar that exists that is anything like this, you can have this one for FREE!

Contentment & Purpose

– How much better would your days be if you knew you were:

  • – Taking steps toward your purpose?
  • – Doing all that you can to get the health and body you want?
  • – Using all the best techniques for the best relationship possible?
  • – Consistently meditating?
  • – Eating healthy?
  • – How has low energy, a bad diet, and not feeling purposeful been affecting your mood and inspiration? Your work? Family life?

Everyday Use

The lessons you will learn will positively affect your work, relationship, health, hobbies, friendships, money and your time. These are real tools to overcome the hardships that have blocked you in the past.

Can’t Decide?

We will be offering the other Efficiency seminar for free and weekly group meetups online with Bill Farr to give you a boost in the work if you sign up ASAP, as this will not be offered for long.


– You’ll find work typically done from Psychologists, Homeopathic Doctors, Herbalists, Shamanic Healers, Enlightened Masters from India, Buddhist Monks from China, and more.


With over 6 million views on YouTube and over 300,000 social media followers, there are many testimonials of Bill’s work and his seminars. Here are a few:

This is an incredibly concise and refreshing perspective, perfectly designed to allow for real growth, less pain, and more results.”
  • Dr. Nivea Briggitte Calico, MD Psychiatrist


Bill’s seminars are just what they say. Life changing, offering positive growth in all aspects of life and easily applicable for anyone.”
  • Laura McLauchlin, Marriage & Family Therapist, M.S., LMFT, Counsel for “Teen Mom” (Season 4)


“This work will expedite dating failure and success, and show you how to achieve harmony, move to a purposeful life with more pleasure, less suffering, and teach you all you need to become healthy. You want real change? Then do this seminar with Bill.”

  • Nataliya Nozharova, Life Coach, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, Author, The Heart’s Diaries
“This seminar is like no other in that it will take your whole life and transform it to one completely different than the day you started it.”
  • Harry Paul, Shamanic Healer & Life Coach,


“Billy empowers people with helpful tools to improve their lives. If you’re really ready to get off the relationship merry-go-round and improve your health in mind, body, and spirit, do yourself a favor: Sign up for this seminar.”

  • Regal Hawke Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker, On-Air Personality


Subconscious Blocks

– When you break down the psychological barriers that become obvious to you, you have a new opportunity to get in the relationship you want, make the money you want, and have the body you deserve

– Seeing your patterns right in front of you allows you to finally let them drop from your body like unnecessary weight allowing you to be free. 

How & What You Will Save

– You’ll stop wasting time on the wrong people, the wrong diets, the wrong relationships, eliminating ups & downs with your weight and mood

– You will not get sick, and if at all, not nearly as much

– You will have tools to walk away from stress, depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions


Bill’s Work

Bill is a certified Master Herbalist, a Diet & Nutritional Advisor, a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, a best selling author, has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies on avoiding burnout & lowering stress in the workplace, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and many more, with over 100 radio interviews. He has over 400,000 Social Media Followers & over 10 Million Video views.


What Do You Get?

Each week, for 12 weeks, you will get audio lessons & workbook exercise questions.

  • This material will have all the information you need, including videos, products, eating plans, herbs, supplements, exercise plans, and more
  • This program is designed to all be completed in under an hour a day
  • You will have access to weekly group classes online with Bill Farr
  • A 21-Day money back guarantee
  • A full Menu of Meditations
  • A full Menu of Chi Gong Videos
  • An eliminate Foods Lists
  • A product List
  • Video recipes
  • A Mind, Body, & Spirit evaluation
  • The Complete “Change Your Body Seminar” is Included as well

Free for a Limited Time

Signing up right away will guarantee you to receive the Efficiency 2.0 Seminar for free (3-week program)

Help Yourself

– Proven techniques to positively change your health, relationship, ability to mediate, and remove subconscious blocks.

– Don’t waste any more time on books, therapy, the cycle of losing and gaining weight until you get into your subconscious and eliminate blocks.

– Stop trying to fix your relationship with the tools that have not worked.

– Stop falling for marketing by companies that are getting you to buy foods that you think are healthy that are far from it. 


Who Needs This? / Who Doesn’t?

– This seminar is for people who are searching for answers and ready to take action.

– It’s for those who want the latest and most pertinent tools for change.

– It’s for people who are interested in the psychology behind why some people have success and others that seem like they should don’t.

– It’s for people who are finally ready to let go of a “know it all” ego, that has gotten them into negative situations.

– This is for people who are open-minded to radical ideas that make actual changes in their life positively and willing to put in some effort.

  • This is for people who want results.

It’s Not for Most People

– This is not for people who want to waste their time going to something for entertainment or the fluff of self-help for years, with little to no change.

– This is not for people who want to argue why they are right, despite not having the results in their life.

My Commitment

“I am committed to support your process the entire way through with weekly classes and fight harder for you than you will even fight for yourself, and every person in every class, workshop, private session, or seminar will attest to this. ” – Bill Farr

Time & Money Constraints

The work is done in under an hour a day but you’ll have more time than you did prior to the seminar as part of the work. You’ll also have more mental clarity, energy, and better sleep if you follow the protocol.

If you think it’s too expensive to change your life and don’t realize what not having success is costing you then it’s not for you. If this is you, ask, what has your current mindset cost you in your relationship, your career, your happiness, and your lack of execution? And how much money have you wasted not getting answers? My work carries a money back guarantee. Ask a therapist for the same and see how they react.

 If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

The money spent here is a fraction of the cost and time it will take to learn this otherwise.  I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, over 20 years, and traveled all over the world for it and have results to prove it.

Do you have the Determination?

Everyone and anyone in almost any situation can do this and benefit greatly from it. You are smart enough, have enough time, have enough money for the investment, and it’s not going to be too hard either. 

Success Built In

– This is the only seminar that doesn’t come with the pain of failure already built-in. It overcomes everything getting in your way of success that you didn’t work on before.

– For example, losing weight is most often a psychological or spiritual issue, not a physical one. Although I go over all the physical issues you probably have not done so far, I tackle the psychological ones head on, and have had success with those who tried everything.

Summary of Value for Price

You Get:

  • Three seminars in one – Mind Body and Spiritual aspects of Health, Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Time Management & Efficiency Training
  • The ability to take action and execute on what you’ve been putting off for years
  • Meditate like you never thought you could
  • Change in your habits with the consciousness to create new ones
  • An understanding of reprogramming your subconscious mind
  • 21-day money back guarantee

The Change Your Life Seminar Value Break Down

– Change your Life Seminar – $20,000

– The Body Predominant Seminar – $2,000

– The Efficiency Seminar – $549

– Weekly class – ($375 X 16 weeks = $6,000)

– Forum $499

– My recommendations of herbs, essential oils, and supplements and other products – $100

– Eliminate Foods List – $100

– My personal contacts for websites, marketing and other ways to improve your web-based business – $500

= Total Value = $29,258 —> Your Cost $12,999

Let’s Embrace Change & Get Started Now!