Chi Gong for Wellbeing

This is a group of six video exercises for Chi Gong related to weight loss, digestion, anxiety as well as energy activators.

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Chi Gong (QiGong) & Tai Chi

are ancient ways of moving your internal energy for health and even new practitioners notice a result immediately. This can be done for the purpose of eliminating toxins, obtaining health and wellness, helping with any illness or pain, maintaining energy, alleviating and eliminating anxiety or negative emotions, and many other positive reasons.

What is Chi?

torodial field

Chi (or Qi, Ki) is our life force energy. It is the basis of acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to balance and enhance chi to bring for optimal physical and mental health.

The concept exists in most ancient cultures: In India, it is called prana; China, chi; Japan, ki; and Native Americans, the Great Spirit. For all these and other cultures, this energy is central to their medicine and healing.

This video explains the direct benefits of Chi gong for Weight loss and stress:

Our Chi can be enhanced with positive thoughts, exercise, healthy food, and balanced living. If our Chi is not flowing, it will be reflected in our posture, mood, mental capacity, the way we speak, look and behave. Unbalanced chi causes your emotions to become agitated and distressed. Balanced chi causes your emotions to become smooth and more satisfying. When in balance, chi enhances your creativity at all levels, such as art, business, relationships, etc. Spiritually chi allows us to enter into higher states of consciousness. The practice of Chi Gong helps you to directly experience this in your body and control it at will.

If you have erectile dysfunction due to stress, doing this may allow you to reduce the dose or eliminate drugs to help this.

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Moving your internal energy in this way can also be done in my guided meditations seen here in my meditations page. 



6 Chi Gong Video Class Sessions In this Course:


1. Chi Gong for Weight Loss & Digestion – Part 1

This 15 minute Chi Gong for Weight Loss and Digestion routine is specifically designed to bring your body (and mind) to their healthiest and most energetic states. Advanced, as well as new practitioners, can do these techniques.

weight loss 1nThis will help to combat external and environmental stress and transform internal stress into a source of energy, reduce cortisol, and put you in a meditative relaxed state, allowing you to achieve all the benefits of Chi Gong (Qi Gong).



Techniques in this video:

The objective of the movements is to clear stress and tension allowing the smooth flow of energy, relaxing the internal organs. increasing energy and alertness.

  • – The first technique increases circulation and jump-starts your internal energy.
  • – Next, we move chi to clear toxins in the organs while soothing digestion.
  • – Third we bring circulation, flow, and healing to your initial digestive process while boosting metabolism.
  • – Next technique moves stress allowing for the release of emotional attachments.
  • – The fifth technique increases circulation to the intestines for detox & boosts metabolism.
  • – Next technique helps detox the kidneys and aligns your chakras.
  • – Next one increases metabolism, circulation, balance, and flexibility, and creates groundedness.
  • – We close moving the chi to areas of tension, then our facial muscles, helping against wrinkles and premature aging, 

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2. Chi Gong for Weight Loss & Digestion – 2

In this 17 minute video, I show 12 techniques for losing weight and digestion as a continuation of the first video.

The movements are particularly designed and chosen to lower stress (and cortisol) and strengthen your organs and improve digestion and the flow of chi in your body. Here we move your breath and focus your intention on the results you want. Beginner or advanced students alike.

weight loss 2 nightWe also discuss the main energy centers in your body and how to use them.

Benefits of the Techniques in this Video:

  • The first technique will help with stress-related to sleeping disorders.
  • The next helps overall digestion & arthritis.
  • The next movements are designed for digestion.
  • The next is for internal organs, emotional balance, and mental focus.
  • Next is the brain and gut connection.
  • Next helps with high blood pressure and hypertension.
  • Next is any lung-related issues, aggressive feelings, blood flow to heart and brain, and helps with spine issues such as scoliosis.
  • Remaining we have improved vitality of the sexual organs, personal power, depression and unhappiness, kidney balance, diabetes, heart rate, and improved energy. 

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3. Chi Gong of the 5 Elements to balance Anxiety, Depression, Fear, & Organ health

This 15-minute video includes QiGong techniques using the elements

From the Chinese shamanic perspective, the body is an energetic system constructed of five subsystems—Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, and Kidney. Each subsystem represents one of the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. One of the goals of a Chi gong practice is to harmonize the five-element energy in our body offering health & happiness while harmonizing the organ systems, and enhancing vitality.

Techniques (in order):

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.46.16 PM1. Wood – For your Liver. Clears Anger and frustration; attracts Kindness.

2. Fire – For your Heart. Clears Anxiety; attracts compassion and love

3. Earth – For your Spleen. Clears Worry and obsessive behavior; attracts sympathy, sincerity and creates balance in body and mind.

4. Metal – For your Lungs. Clears Grief or Sadness; attracts positive change, letting go of old.

5. Water – For your Kidneys, Bladder, and Stamina. Clears Fear, uncertainty, and trepidation; attracts Strength, perseverance, personal power, and fluidity.


4 & 5 – The next two Sessions are Chi Gong routines I love for improving mental & physical wellness, increase energy and focus.

5 element

The fourth session is 18 minutes long done together with a female instructor

Fith is under 10 minutes as a quick tune-up that I try to do as often as possible as it’s short & simple. There is also a video with techniques on how to incorporate chi in your food for best digestion and assimilation of nutrients. 

6 – The final session is chi gong to prevent “Sitting Disease”  

This is for people who sit all day at work and need some physical movement that will increase circulation of blood flow and chi as well as stretching of muscles. This is a must in our modern world. There is also another video with tips to maintain health while working on a computer and working at home 

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need prior experience to do these movements? No, anyone can do them, they are very simple movements.

How will I know if it’s working? This is like a meditation. If you are able to relax it is working. You will also feel a tingling in your hands and other parts of your body. This is your Chi moving.

How soon can I expect to feel the effects? Many feel the effects immediately and notice subtle changes in their body and life, just as meditation begins to bring positive things to your life.

Here are some other ways building your Chi can affect you Mentally, Spiritually & physically:

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