The Full Guided Meditation Seminar for Law Enforcement

In 21-Days you’ll learn how to actually meditate in a way that will allow you to get all the benefits that you’ve heard about and feel that you can finally quiet your mind, no matter how difficult it’s been for you in the past.

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How to Develop a Regular Practice

Have you tried to meditate with no success?       Your mind is too active?

This Webinar will show you how to overcome that

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In this seminar, I show you how to overcome every issue to have a real experience meditating that can help you to relax, sleep, open your third eye, balance your emotions, develop your creativity, intuition and so much more.

Also how to activate your energy body including your aura, chakras, chi, grounding cords, and more. Activating these can improve your manifestation for money, relationship, health, and more.

21 – Day Course – (Less than 20 minutes a day)

The Meditation techniques were taught to me from Shamanic Healers, Monks, Chi Gong, and Taoist Masters. They are the most powerful meditations I’ve found while living and practicing all over the world including Thailand, China, Central & South America, and India.

If you feel that you cannot quiet your mind, or that you just are not cut out for meditation, this seminar is for you. In 20 years of teaching, I’ve not had a single person in any of my classes not be able to move their chi and activate their energy body, and achieve calm while working with me.

This is a 21-day course but does not have to be done every day. You can skip a day and complete in your time and will always be available to go back to including the guided meditations as well.

Everything you need to know about Meditation

  • Connect with your Chi
  • Locate and Activate your grounding cords (part of your energetic body)
  • Identify and remove negative energy holding you back
  • Bring in positive energy to your energy body
  • Attract the things you want in your life
  • Learn Exercises to actually meditate whenever you want

Specific Benefits of Meditations From This Seminar

  • Develop, cultivate, and Move Your Chi (internal energy)
  • Pineal Gland Activation 
  • Find More Creativity
  • Develop Intuition
  • Improve Sleep
  • Balance Emotions
  • Release Negative Energy From the Past


  • 12 Guided Meditations & More Techniques (meditations below) 
  • Energy Body Activation 
  • 10 Step Process to Achieving Calm in Meditation
  • Meditation Checklist
  • 21 Sessions including audio files, videos, exercises & more
  • Everything you need for a regular practice of meditation daily
  • Email & Private Forum Support

Immediate Benefits people tell me – Better Sleep, more synchronicities, lowered anxiety, and more calm

(Some of the) Proven Benefits of Meditation through scientific studies

  1. Reduce stress even for those with the highest level of stress (& stress-related medical conditions)
  2. Meditation improves Relationships creating empathy and positive relationships
  3. Increases compassion & positive feelings for self and others
  4. A stronger understanding of self (good for making change)
  5. Meditation can help you Lose Weight & increase willpower
  6. Improves Sleep
  7. May Help Fight Addictions
  8. Reduces “monkey mind” (Thoughts of past or future)
  9. Lengthens Attention Span (in just a few days)
  10. Meditation Reduces Social Anxiety
  11. Controls Anxiety (& anxiety-related mental health issues like social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors)
  12. Meditation helps reduce symptoms of panic disorder
  13. Promotes Emotional Health (Including depression, self-image, and outlook on life)
  14. Improves Mood (calming swings) & less reactive – lowered fight or flight
  15. Meditation helps treat premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms
  16. Meditation relieves pain (better than morphine)
  17. Mindfulness meditation fosters creativity
  18. Meditation increases grey matter concentration in the brain (learning, memory, emotions, sense of self, and perspective)
  19. May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
  20. Meditation reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke
  21. Can Decrease Blood Pressure
  22. Meditation helps with OCD, ADD, ADHD, depression, and other psychological issues

Other benefits, not proven, but speculated and experienced by regular meditators

  • Increased intuition
  • Connection beyond the subconscious into superconscious and higher consciousness
  • Connection beyond your 5 senses 
  • Connection to beings outside of our conscious understanding
  • Improved sports and other performance (particularly with visualization)
  • Increased Chi (what the Chinese call your inner energy)
  • Help to raise your vibration to find like-minded people and situations
  • Helps to increase the vibration of everyone & everything around you
  • Cultivate lucid dreaming & out of body experiences
  • Spiritual awakening & opening of the third eye and chakras
  • Reversing psychological blocks
  • Spontaneous healing
  • Spontaneous knowing


Guided Meditations Included

  • “The Replacement” Meditation – to replace negative thoughts, worry, anger, or the like. Can combine with the “Good for me/Bad for me” technique from Session 6 or the “Rising Up” technique from session 3 or “The Heart-Mind Exercise” from session 9
  • “The Subconscious Success Meditation” This is a meditation to integrate your subconscious thoughts to having success
  • The Energy Integration Meditation” brings you into the energy of other beings, allowing you to feel their positive qualities. (A Mountain, Tree, Water, Butterfly, & more)
  • “The Success” Meditation allows you to match the vibration of your brain to that of your heart and can help to do the “Heart-Mind Exercise” easier as well.
  • “The “Sanctuary – Safe Place” Meditation allows you to visit your private hideaway to inspire creativity or other questions you have in and about your life.
  • “The Remote Healing” allows you to send love and positive energy to others.
  • “The Barrier of Light” allows you to clear and protect yourself from negative energy and bring in positive energy.
  • “The Emotional Infusion Technique” allows you to add the energy of specific things that you want in your life to manifest.
  • “The Self-Healing” Meditation allows you to bring in powerful positive energy for healing.
  • “The Emotional Extraction Technique” allows you to powerfully remove negative thoughts or energy from your body or mind and works with The “Emotional Infusion” Technique by adding the energy that you want in your life to manifest.
  • “The Grounding Meditation” will help you to feel grounded in your emotions.
  • “The Cord Cutting Meditation” Can help you to separate from unhealthy people or situations

Techniques Included

  • Deep Breathing (Session 3)
  • Gratitude Training (Session 5)
  • Breath in Essential Oils (Session 6)
  • Heart/Mind Exercises (Session 9)
  • Visualization Training (Session 10)
  • Move to Linear thought for negative thoughts (Session 11)
  • Be aware of negative thoughts and think about solutions rather than spiraling in the negative or release the thought. Keep your negative thoughts neutral, not allowing them to get worse.
  • Eliminating Complaining (Session 11)
  • Mindfulness & Focus Exercises (Session 13)
  • Breathing Techniques (Session 16)
  • Breath through your Prana Tube (in from the top and bottom)
  • Affirmations (Session 18)
  • Visualization (Session 18)
  • Rituals & habits (Session 19)
  • Replacement Thoughts (Session 21)



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Bill Farr

Bill Farr is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness coach with over 400,000 followers and over 10 million YouTube views. He is a certified Master Herbalist and a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, an instructor in various forms of meditation, an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, Qi Gong instructor, and Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Having trained with Shamanic Healers, Monks, Gurus, & Gong Masters for over 30 years Bill has taught in more than 20 countries, has worked with professional athletes, artists, consulted for large companies, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Love Engineer, Expert Beacon, Fact-Based Health, and on over 100 radio shows.