Weekly Classes Online

Weekly classes are taught on zoom so you can participate at home. All you need is a computer or smartphone. Classes can be purchased for $35 each or 4 sessions for $60. Email support@billfarr.com for details and availability.

PRICE $140 $60


Only $35 per class or $60 for 4 classes 

Current open classes session are on Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern time for Meditation 

Tuesday Night 8 PM (EST) for General Coaching/Support 

– email support@billfarr.com for availability 

Classes on Zoom

When people are not getting what they want out of life, it is because they are caught up in self-fulfilling prophecies, emotional prisons, telling themselves certain things that are not true yet from their experience they have found evidence to believe so.

Other times people become self-sabotagers, stopping the flow of abundance from coming into their lives. This class points out those and other problems we face in today’s world.

Class Discussions Include

  • Relationship 101 – communication and other blocks getting in the way of what you want
  • Physical Health – diet, herbs, essential oils and hacks for getting the body you want
  • Meditation – how you can find your calm

Format (Classes are usually 90 minutes sessions)

  • Lesson
  • Q&A
  • Personal to Group Coaching Or Meditation for Meditation class


  • Negative self-fulfilling prophecies and how they are caused.
  • Finding self-approval.
  • How to know if something on your path is right for you – cuffs on/cuffs off – (Work, Relationships, Friendships)
  • The “Essential Ten” qualities – offering them to someone who deserves the best of you.
  • Listening and adapting to change.
  • Releasing dependence and bringing independence and connection to your relationships.
  • How you react and how to avoid doing so.
  • Identifying survival and the difference between your fears and who you really are.


The class is open to everyone. Each of those in the class will have an opportunity to speak, questions answered (anonymously if preferred) and learn from the others in the group.

Rate: $35 per person


– Best selling author, Bill Farr, is available for $250 per hour for private sessions via skype, or phone. Contact us at info@theartofunity.com for details or to set an appointment.